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Re: [Sid] perl breaks apache

Paul Johnson wrote:

Wolfgang Lonien <wjlonien@gmx.net> writes:

...since this morning - also php4, cacti, ...

Right now, if I hold these packages, nothing breaks:

--\ Packages being held back
ihA libcgi-fast-perl                                        5.8.3-3   5.8.4-1
ihA libperl5.8                                              5.8.3-3   5.8.4-1
ihA perl                                                    5.8.3-3   5.8.4-1
ih  perl-base                                               5.8.3-3   5.8.4-1
ihA perl-modules                                            5.8.3-3   5.8.4-1
ihA perl-suid                                               5.8.3-3   5.8.4-1

Your mileage may vary, but it might be worth a shot.
Ok.  I was stupid enough using aptitude to let this slip by until it was
already removing Apache.  I have added testing to my sources-list to get
access to those versions of Perl packages but I can't quite figure out
how to get either aptitude or synaptic to let me remove the 5.8.4-1
versions and install the 5.8.3-3 versions.
I know I can do this with apt-get but I am lead to understand that
aptitude will not track what I have done and might get stupider if I do
this.  Is there an aptitude or synaptic answer or should I just use
apt-get or dpkg?


Paul Scott

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