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Re: printer queue immortal - help!

On Sunday 02 May 2004 14:56, Pigeon wrote:
> On Sun, May 02, 2004 at 12:52:57PM +0200, Richard Lyons wrote:
> > Help!  I have an epson stylus c62 local on a sid box.  Mozilla sent it a
> > raw postscript file as text.  THis means dozens of pages of garbage.  I
> > tried to cancel the printjob:
> >   - from CLI as the user whose job it was - failed
> >   - from CLI as root - ditto
> >   - by deleting files from /var/spool/cups - but continues to print
> >   - by deleting files from /var/spool/lpd/lp - job now disappears from
> >     lpq, but continues to print.
> >
> > Switching off the printer and back on has no effect - it just carries on
> > printing.
> >
> > Restarting lpd and cupsd has no effect.  Rebooting the computer has no
> > effect (yes, I got that desperate).  How can I stem the flow of
> > printout?  The data must reside somewhere...
> ps ax, find the processes doing the printing and kill -9 them.

Thanks Pigeon.  I killed a process with a long name including that "@:64" - no 
effect.  Killed cups and then lpd - that stopped it (I could have 
done /etc/init.d/cups stop, etc, but didn't think of it).

Of course, I have to unplug the printer from the computer if I restart the 
computer, as then the print service restarts and continues sending garbage to 
the printer.   This means that I shall have to relocate the printer at 
another computer and hope not to repeat the problem there.  Like the villain 
in a horror movie, the print job comes to life again however often I kill it.

The only alternative is to find where the data is saved and delete it.  Which 
brings me back to the original question.  WHere else, other than /var/spool, 
does the data of a print job reside?


PS (OT) how to turn off spell checking in kmail?  Everything that isn't an 
english word (or even that is capitalized differently from american standard) 
is highlighted in red.  Can't find the configuration: makes me see red....

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