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ircd - setting up a local (only) irc server

Hi again,

I got another thing I'd like to get some more info about. I tried to google
myself to some answers, but there is so much stuff, I don't know where to
start from. Most of what I've found was either for users or for "real"
IRC-machines with so many functions my head started to "smoke".

What I'd like to do is to use the ircd package from my Woody unstable and
build a small standalone irc-server with about 5-6 channels to use for
lanparties :-). So I don't need to connect to other servers on the i-net.

man ircd is not very helpful, to be honest. Google search only gave back
Release Notes when trying debian groups or debian site :-/ and most of the
other sites I've found are too basic or too specific, and mainly for Users
rather then "Admins".

Anybody out there who has some knowledge and is willing to share? Any useful
info is appreciated...... a sample config would be really nice :-)

Thanks people,

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