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Re: OT -- weird DNS hiccup

On Tuesday 04 May 2004 07:14 am, Will Trillich wrote:
> sometimes "serensoft.com" resolves, sometimes it doesn't!

> lately, one of our partners has noticed that he can't get to
> "serensoft.com" (host unknown) from his new england locale --
> but get can SSH in to a st. louis client, which CAN resolve
> "serensoft.com".

> as if the DNS is percolating from indiana to missouri, but NOT
> to new hampshire. bizarre!

Probably just wait.  It looks like you have 1 week TTL on your SOA and A 
records; If the NH user had accessed your DNS before it was completely 
set up, it could be up to a week before the NH DNS notices the change.

Try dig -t soa serensoft.com at the NH site and look at the serial 
number.  Is it old?  If so, wait it out.  You must change the serial 
number when you change the zone files or some servers might not refresh 
their caches.

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