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re: problem in upgrading kernel from 2.4.18 to 2.6.3

Hi folks,
I have fixed the "Unresolved symbols" problem. It's the improper installation of module-init-tools. In INSTALL, it indicates 2 possible ways to start. One would place depmod in /sbin and the other would place it in /usr/local/sbin. I had chosen the second way. But make-kpkg was using the depmod from /sbin. It wasthus using the old copy.
Now I have encountered another problem. When I execute 'lilo' after building and installing the kernel, I have this warning:
LBA32 addressing assumed
COMPACT may conflict with LBA32 on some system
When I proceeded to reboot, it failed with the msg:
VFS: Cannot open root device "303' or unknown-block (3,3)
What's wrong here?

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