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Re: sarge?

On Monday 03 May 2004 09:32, Curt Howland was heard to say:
> I have used the Woody mini-CD net install with the last two
> machines on which I've installed Debian. Both systems are running
> Sid without problems, and I expect it would have as easily
> installed Sarge had that been where I pointed /etc/apt/sources.list
> by hand.

Sorry, let me rephrase that. I went looking at the install CD images 
just now, and realized that the exceedingly small 10MB "netinst" 
images were not what I meant. I have used the 30-40MB mini-CD image, 
which allows a functional, running installation to be completed 
without downloading anything from the network first.

Edit sources.list to replace "woody" with "unstable", run apt-get 
update, and wa-la.


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