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RE: sarge?

Okay, so I'm jumping into the middle here, but I just came from 18
months with Gentoo, and I for one, am VERY happy with the support that
Woody gets, even though it's years old, and that I can be confident that
each stable distro will have excellent bug-fixing for many moons.  The
main problem I had with Gentoo was that it was SO fast that it was
impossible to build two identical system, even IF you were building from
their "packages".

Believe me.  Apt ROCKS in comparison.  It would take me DAYS to install
on Gentoo and an install would be almost as big as with RedHat, which is
what I was trying to get away from in the first place.  With Debian, I
can make nice neat desktop boxes with Sid or Sarge and routers/servers
with Woody.  The servers are patched to the hilt for security and
stability, and *who freakin cares* if my internal mirror servers aren't
running KDE 3.2 - my laptop is - oh and WITH nivida-proprietary, WITH
VMWare Workstation, WITH QT Commercial edition, WITH the 2.6 Kernel.

I wrote off Debian for SO long because I didn't take the time to check
out the different distros.  It's a crying shame.  There are some tweaks
that I would like to make, and, now that I'm spend 1.5 hours on an
install instead of 1.5 weeks, maybe I'll have time to join the /dev

First, I'll make sure I have my feet thoroughly wet, though. :)


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Monique Y. Mudama wrote:

>On 2004-04-30, Kenneth Macdoald Karlsen penned:
>> Im out of here.  To qoute the dolphins: Good luck
>>and thanks for all the fish...
> I do think it's important for these discussions to
>take place.  There are movements afoot to ensure that this debate can
>occur without delaying sarge's release, and I think this is a
Don't worry.
Let him swim in the sewerage again, for a while.
He'll be back.


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