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UXTerm, Andale Mono, and line drawings

Hi everyone,

I recently switched to UTF-8 and have since been using UXTerm for pretty
much everything. As a long time Andale Mono fan, I'm quite disturbed to
find out that line drawings no longer work (i.e. threads in mutt look
like boxy ... things). The relevant section from my .Xresources looks
like this:

UXTerm*VT100.faceName: monotype.com
UXTerm*VT100.faceSize:  8

Maybe not *that* relevant but it's the only reference I have to the
font name. My Googling leads me to believe that this font supports UTF-8
encoding but I've been pretty unsuccessful in getting it to work. Any
idea what I can do to fix this? Or what a good mono font might be that
supports UTF-8?



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