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Re: UXTerm, Andale Mono, and line drawings

On Sun, May 02, 2004 at 11:27:31PM -0400, Erinn Clark wrote:
> I recently switched to UTF-8 and have since been using UXTerm for pretty
> much everything. As a long time Andale Mono fan, I'm quite disturbed to
> find out that line drawings no longer work (i.e. threads in mutt look
> like boxy ... things).

Hey, you. :)  Were you using an anti-aliased xterm before?

> UXTerm*VT100.faceName: monotype.com
> UXTerm*VT100.faceSize:  8

Well, Andale Mono and monotype.com are not necessarily the same font, but
monotype.com is what I use.

*Neither*, however, incorporates line-drawing characters.  XTerm must
manufacture them on-the-fly.  That's fine, but XTerm can only do that for
AA'd fonts in XTerm-175 and later.  For Debian, that means you have to be
running XFree 4.3.0.

See http://dickey.his.com/xterm/xterm.log.html#xterm_175

I thought you ran testing/unstable, so it should be working for you. :)

XTerm-180 also adds fixes specific to Unicode and AA rendering.  If you're
using -177, line-drawing characters may not appear to touch, among other
things.  But they should still render.

See http://dickey.his.com/xterm/xterm.log.html#xterm_180

I have also just tested.  I have line-drawing characters here in UXTerm and
mutt works as expected.

The sole content of my resources that is specific to UXTerm is:

UXTerm*VT100.faceName:  monotype.com
UXTerm*VT100.faceSize:	12

(that wasn't there before, I added it to test)

I tested with both XTerm-177 (what's currently in unstable) and with
XTerm-180 (what I use locally).

You're not passing +fbx (telling XTerm NOT to manufacture line-drawing
characters) or setting the forceBoxChars resource to 'true', are you?

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