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problem in upgrading kernel from 2.4.18 to 2.6.3

Thanks for the reply. I checked through .../Documentation/Changes. The GNU C minimal is 2.95.3. I have 2.95.4. I have higher version than required for 'make', 'binutils', 'util-linux' and 'module-init-tools'.
I cannot do online install under Linux because the modem is not configured for Linux yet. What I am doing now is to download .tar.gz or .deb files to the Window partition, switch to Linux, mount the Win drive and cp over the files. For .tar.gz files I would 'tar' it and then follow the instructions in README and INSTALL. For .deb files, I would do a   'dpkg -i". This method is no good for package like gcc which has a lot of dependencies. Any other way I can do it?

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