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Re: problem in upgrading kernel from 2.4.18 to 2.6.3

jack kinnon wrote:
I had managed to run 2.4.18, was trying to upgrade to 2.6.3.
Downloaded the source from a debian mirror site, do a 'dpkg -i',
'tar', 'make menu-config', all without problem. But when I next do a
'make-kpkg buildpackage', I had typical msg:

depmod: Unresolved symbols in ....

This msg occurred for several .ko files.

Any suggestion?

For 2.6.x kernels you will (always, I think) need to install the package module-init-tools. Although from what you have posted, I'm not sure that this is the immediate problem here, since you are having problems building.

Which version of gcc are you using? I don't recall whether the 2.6.x kernels can be compiled with gcc-2.95. On this machine I compile with gcc-3.3. If you have another version of gcc installed, my suggestion is to give that a try.


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