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Re: Upgrade to Sarge kills X

On Sun, 02 May 2004 00:38, Kent West wrote:
> cr wrote:
> >However, on trying  startx,    I got the grey screen with the 'X' for a
> >moment then it dropped back to the login screen.   (I'm using a text
> > login).
> X is starting, but it's not finding any clients to run. Try creating a
> file in your home directory named ".xinitrc" (notice the dot) and put
> the single line in it "icewm" (assuming you have icewm installed;
> otherwise use whatever client you want to start, such as "xterm",
> "startkde", "gnome-session", etc).
> If that works, you're one step closer.

Many thanks for the suggestion, but creating a file in /home/cr (and one in 
/home)  called .xinitrc,   contents  'gnome-session',  had no effect.     
(And, looking at this old Woody setup that actually works, I don't seem to 
have a .xinitrc anywhere  :)

What I do get on trying to start X, is an error message 
"X warning; process set to priority -11 instead of requested priority -10"

(I didn't see this before since it had scrolled off the top of the screen 
earlier, till I removed an unfound font from XF86Config-4 and its error 
message stopped)

How do I check and change priorities? - and why would dist-upgrade have 
changed the priority anyway?   (And, which 'process' might that be?)



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