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Re: boot message: "differences between boot sector and its backup...."

From: "J.S.Sahambi" <jsahambi@iitg.ernet.in>

> I am getting the message "There are differences between boot sector and
> its backup"  while booting my machine as given below. Can anybody help
> me solve this problem?

iirc, by default lilo refuses to backup the boot sector if there's already a
backup, so rerun lilo with the appropriate action to overwrite it (or if you
can't be bothered to look it up, rerun it once, that'll tell which backup it
won't overwrite, delete the file, and rerun it).  Of course, if you're not
using lilo, then I'm out in left field ... :-)  I know this worked for me,
when I used to use lilo.

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