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Re: authentication server

on Fri, Apr 30, 2004 at 02:40:45PM -0500, dircha (dircha@dircha.com) wrote:
> Karsten M. Self wrote:
> >>for start there will be no internet in the network. My
> >
> >You'll find your keyboard likely has two shift keys located at the
> >extreme left and right.  Please aquaint yourself with their proper
> >usage.
> On behalf of tsitras@spymac.com and every other well meaning individual 
> out there:

Mutually exclusive sets, with yourself a third?

> You'll find that your mouth likely has two lips located at the extreme
> top and bottom of its exterior. Please acquaint yourself with their
> proper usage in keeping your mouth shut.

I'm not suggesting tsitras stop posting.  However after reading through
a post which was both vague to the point of null content, _and_
grammatically incorrect, I concluded he/she/it is suffering a rather
pronounced case of communications apathy.  It's in his/her/its best
interest to express his/her/its needs/problems clearly.

> And my goodness: you didn't even spell "acquaint" correctly.

Noted.  vim autocorrect updated.

> How does that make you feel?

Corrected.  With appropriate action taken.

I _do_ prefer not repeating my errors, particularly when they're noted
in public.

> Why precisely is it that you feel compelled to _voluntarily_ go to the 
> effort of acting like a jackass toward users less experienced than 
> yourself? Wait. No, I don't want to know.

Yeah, there's that old mirror self-view / mote-eye impedence problem,
now isn't there.

Tell you what though:  the basic question -- the issue of single-sign on
for GNU/Linux -- is a good one.  It's one I've mulled a bit over the
years, and more than once in the past week.  I'm not aware of a single
readily implemented solution, though there are a few places people are
generally suggested to go for solutions, LDAP among the leading
contenders.  Though personally I've found that to be pretty impenetrable
myself to date.

> The list is "debian-user", not "debian-3l33t".

itsalsonot dbeian illlletr8.


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