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Your Undeliverable Postcard

 Re: Your request (Sat, 1 May 2004 16:16:53 +0300, Mail Delivery (failure delivery@all-yours.net))

 you sent email to delivery@all-yours.net. This email  address belongs
 to an  email  robot  which  sends  notifications about  undeliverable
 Digital Postcards.
 So you probably  replied to one of those  notifications and  asked us
 to resend the postcard for you.  Sorry, you need to do this yourself.
 This is a free  service and we can't  take care of  hundreds of unde-
 liverable cards every day.
 Please  read our  "Digital Postcard Undeliverable!"  email again.  It
 contains the undeliverable postcard notification with pick up address
 (URL) and postcard ID number.  We asked you to check the  recipient's
 email  address(es)  and to send  this  notification to the  corrected
 address(es).  This will  inform the  recipient(s)  about your Digital
 delivery@all-yours.net  is an answering machine so please don't reply
 to this email. For more information about All-Yours Digital Postcards
 check out
 Thank you.
 - ---------------------------------------------------------
 All-Yours Digital Postcards
 Provided as a free service by All-Yours Internet Solutiuons

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