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bzflag: Incompatible server version accept()


I installed the woody bzflag and bzflag-server packages.

When I try to start /usr/games/bzfs I get:
openMulticast: bind: Address already in use

BTW: how is bzfs started? Sometimes I manage to, but not always (?):
ps ax:
955 ?        S      0:00 bzfs -pf -r -h -mp 40 -ms 1 -ttl 8 -g

felix@bitburger:~$ telnet localhost 5155
Connected to bitburger.
Escape character is '^]'.
accept() from on 2

But when I start start /usr/games/bzflag and choose "Connect" I get:
Server version: 'accept()'
Incompatible server version accept()

I also tried to and choose "Start Server" (using the defaults) in the
game, which succeeds, but then I get the same error in "Connect".

what can I do about this?


Felix Natter
I love secs... for programming

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