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RE: ppp/diald networking dying under heavy IDE (or CPU?) load

Hi Daniel :-)

> Is there a known reason why heavy IDE load (or possibly heavy CPU
> load in copying disk to disk) would cause network connections over
> ppp and diald to die?

Could it be by any chance that the NIC and the ide controller and also the
serial port controller are hooked up on the same IRQ? You can check that at
the beginning (after bios drive checking you'll get an overview of your
cards and where they are hooked on, press pause to view it more intensely
:-). To change the IRQs, you'll mostly have to use other PCI-Slots to
overcome this problem. On some Bios'ses you can even change to manual
control, assigning irqs to the slots you have.

Normally a main board pci slot has the habit to share IRQs with another one.
So check your manual which slots share an irq. Once you found that out, you
can plug in the cards according to the scheme that is used. Try to avoid
that the NIC shares an irq with another card, that should do the job.

E.g. the AGP Slot and the first PCI slot after that share an IRQ (if I can,
I avoid to use the first PCI slot), the third slot shares an irq with the
fifth slot, the fourth shares one with the sixth slot, and so on. Sometimes
the sharing is done different, check the manual of your board to know how
they work together. Avoid using the ide controller on the same irq then the
NIC, they both should have their own irq if possible.

Just some thoughts,

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