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Re: To mbox or not, that is the question! (fwd)

On Tue, Apr 27, 2004 at 11:55:01AM -0400, Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:

> Use ssh (openssh or putty) and run mutt in the terminal when you are
> remote.  The only trick is to understand where kmail puts the folders
> so that you can tell mutt to look there.  mutt itself doesn't really
> care, and is so configurable that you can make it do almost anything.
> One example (option) :
>     $ cd ~/Mail
>     $ mutt -f .the-name-of-the.mail-subfolder

not so good if you have lots of folders or deeply nested folders.
> See how mutt really doesn't care where the folder is or what it is
> named, as long as it is a valid mbox, maildir, mh or
> something-else-I-forgot mail spool?
> Another option :
>     Read 'man muttrc' and then edit your ~/.muttrc so that mutt
>     doesn't hide hidden files.  Then the visual navigation in mutt
>     will display the folders where kmail "hides" them.  (I'm sure its
>     possible but I don't know the exact parameter offhand)

This looks interesting. I searched "man mutt" and the Mutt Manual for
"hidden" and could not find the control you refer to.  Maybe I missed
it, or misunderstood it.
> Another option is to use mutt's 'mailboxes' directive to explicitly
> tell mutt about all your mailboxes.  Then run 'mutt -y' and select a
> mailbox to open.

Very tedious if the kmail folder system is large (as mine was).

I've gone through the kmail system of mboxes, changing the .names to
> | (I understand Courier-IMAP also recognizes the same file format as
> | Kmail, so you can in theory set that up, and then remotely access
> | your maildir files using any IMAP client).
> Setting up courier is really not difficult.  I finally did that and
> have mutt connect to courier rather than reading the maildirs locally.
> This way I get to ignore the fact that courier uses '.' instead of '/'
> to separate folders (a very reasonable choice, IMO) and mutt shows the
> folders the same way IMP does.  (at the same time I set up courier I
> also installed IMP, a rather nice-looking webmail program)
> HTH,
> -D
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