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Re: What is a simple-to-install non-CUPS printer

Let me revise this: the printer must not use CUPS. I've been burned by it twice now, never again.

David Morse wrote:
Hi there,
I need a cheap printer, where toner refils don't cost an arm and a leg.
 Print quality and color are optional.  But the prime criterion needs
to be "software configurable in a nano-second by an impatient newbie".

The last printer I bought was an Epson Stylus Color 740i, which fit all
the criteria above except the last.  I apt-got all the packages I could
think of, but 90% of the time it prints out postscript source code, and
I couldn't even begin to figure out where to go for help.  I'm selling
that one for scrap, starting over, and irrationally blaming CUPS to
comfort my bruised ego.

So, what printer(s) does apt-get install XXXX just make it work?


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