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Re: Simple Qmail Setup

I went through LWQ and then saw that the install put the same stuff 
in /etc/qmail instead of /var.... Six of one.

I will go to the qmail group and see. I am probably a couple of simple steps 
away from getting it working and just did not see what to do further in LWQ.

On Monday 26 April 2004 00:12, debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org 
> > "Used up" the documentation I have seen. I have the webmin qmail module
> > which eases entry of items but still do not know how to set this up.
> Someone earlier pointed you to the Life with qmail (LWQ) documentation. If
> you used the debs from smarden.org, then the installation will be largely
> in compliance with LWQ, so then use LWQ step by step to make sure you
> configure it correctly. qmail is made up of a series of very simple
> building blocks, but they only work together if you are very precise in the
> documentation.
> Finally, and only after you have gone through those steps, you can get help
> on the qmail discussion group. Be prepared with precise questions that show
> you have installed in accord with LWQ since this is a high-volume group of
> heavy-duty techies.
> LWQ really is useful at getting qmail up and running. I have used it on two
> servers, one Red Hat, the other debian, and had very no difficulties that
> weren't ultimately traced to botching one of the LWQ steps (typos, etc.).

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