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Re: Simple Qmail Setup

On Sun, Apr 25, 2004 at 09:32:55AM +0300, David Baron wrote:
> OK, so far, I have gotten:
> In syslog:
> Unsuccessful attempts by cron runs to send to "anonymous.my_domain.my_domain"
> Successful attampts by cron runs to send to "root@my_domain"--however, I do 
> not know to where the message was successfully sent.
> Qmail is not sitting on my two email providers.
> "Used up" the documentation I have seen. I have the webmin qmail module which 
> eases entry of items but still do not know how to set this up.

Someone earlier pointed you to the Life with qmail (LWQ) documentation. If 
you used the debs from smarden.org, then the installation will be largely in
compliance with LWQ, so then use LWQ step by step to make sure you configure
it correctly. qmail is made up of a series of very simple building blocks,
but they only work together if you are very precise in the documentation.

Finally, and only after you have gone through those steps, you can get help
on the qmail discussion group. Be prepared with precise questions that show
you have installed in accord with LWQ since this is a high-volume group of
heavy-duty techies.

LWQ really is useful at getting qmail up and running. I have used it on two
servers, one Red Hat, the other debian, and had very no difficulties that
weren't ultimately traced to botching one of the LWQ steps (typos, etc.).


LWQ: http://www.lifewithqmail.org/
qmail: http://qmail.org
qmail debs: http://smarden.org/pape/Debian/

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