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Re: Wireless PCI Adaptors - hidden

On Sun, 25 Apr 2004, Glenn Meehan wrote:

> The vendor let me open the box of the netgear wg311 card.  I was
> disapointed to find that the entire circuit board was enclosed in a
> metal box, thus preventing chipset identification.

with wireless cards, there's a very very high likelyhood that
the chipset and all RF circuitry willl be enclosed 

you need to see what they have on the shelf ...

- you'd need to go look at the various linux drivers ....
	- most will list what pci cards it works with

- or -- google search those particular cards you will buy 

	- and dont get confused, as you will get conflicting
	posts about which drivers work for which cards

- go back and buy the box and plug it in and follow the howto
  for those drivers for that wireless card
- the harder way is to get a list of supported wireless cards ...
	- there's probably a new supported card coming out
	almost daily(definitely weekly) with updates to 
	existing drivers

- easiest solution
	- look at your buddy's setup .... and get that pci/pcmcia card
	( not your windoze buddies but linux buddies :-)

c ya

- i'm fumbling around with netgear wg311 and the various iwconfig options

	- i hope to make a linux-based AP w/ ipsec ... 
	no dlink/linksys ap's w/ insecure wep[a]

	- conected to a real rf antenna ... 3' or 6' (legit) antenna to
	zap the silly town

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