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Re: How to run GUI application by telnet ?

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On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 16:29:42 +0800
LIU Ning ______ <liuning@datangmobile.cn> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am in Debian unstable and want to log in to a Sparc workstation with 
> solaris to run some GUI applications. However, the workstation does not 
> run SSH daemon and I have to log in it by telnet. Do you know how to run
>       GUI by telnet login?  Now I can only login by EXCEED under Windows
> to run GUI application of the workstation.
> Any suggestion will be appreciated.

If it is a stock Solaris build, you can probably open up a remote X
session to the workstation. On your Debian box run the following command
as root or with sudo:"X :tty8 -query <HOSTNAME>" (replace <HOSTNAME> with
the name of the Sparc workstation). 

This will bring up the X windows login screen for that server on tty8. Put
in your username and password and your CDE desktop will be running
remotely on your Debian box. You can switch between this session and your
regular X11 session by switching consoles with <ctl> <alt> <F7> or <F8>

This is still woefully insecure, but if your Solaris admin isn't running
SSH, you must be in a trusted environment right? ;)

Good Luck,
- -BillT

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