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Re: How to run GUI application by telnet ?

On Client side, you will have to allow X11-connections, this is usually done
xhost +<IP-address_of_server>

I don't know, how to configure this in Exceed - sorry.

On Server-Side, you will have to export the display. Depending on the shell
used, you will do this with either
(BASH, KSH, etc: )
export DISPLAY=<IP-address_of_client>:0

or by (CSH,TCSH,etc:)
setenv DISPLAY <IP-address_of_client>:0

Please consider this as very insecure, as no encrytion or cryptographic
authentication is used at all!!!
Good Luck!

On Server sid

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Subject: How to run GUI application by telnet ?

> Hi,
> I am in Debian unstable and want to log in to a Sparc workstation with
> solaris to run some GUI applications. However, the workstation does not
> run SSH daemon and I have to log in it by telnet. Do you know how to run
>       GUI by telnet login?  Now I can only login by EXCEED under Windows
> to run GUI application of the workstation.
> Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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