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Re: eth0 down (using Sarge)

Marc Shapiro wrote:

I am running Sarge and kernel 2.4.24-1-k7.  Yesterday I rebooted the
system and was then unable to connect to my home network (two boxes) and
so I could not connect to the internet (the other box is my gateway).
Fortunately, I could boot using the my older kernel (2.4.18-bf2.4) and I
could connect just fine.  As of today, even that does not work.  I have
been forced to use the Red Hat that was originally on this machine in
order to get access to my network (but this verifies that the problem is
NOT hardware).


How about doing apt-get -f install, without listing any packages? This has worked for me. On the preventive side of things, I never run apt-get upgrade, only apt-get dist-upgrade. This ensures that upgraded packages will have any new dependencies they may need, while a simple upgrade will not, possibly leaving you with broken packages. Unless you have a apecific reason not to, I suggest you use only the dist-upgrade.



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