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Re: Cannot launch remote apps on X

Incoming from Tim Connors:
> "Linux Nick" <LinuxNick@comcast.net> said on Thu, 22 Apr 2004 15:27:14 -0400:
> > 
> > Sorry top poster for life, not scrolling all the way to the bottom to =
> > get a
> > reply I know what the previous email said and don=92t need to read it =
> > again.
> I admire that troll.

Actually, he's not a troll; I _used to_ see a lot of posts from him on
a related list.  He actually does think that's a valid argument.

> Who woulda thunk you could top-post, post in some evil bastardised MS
> HTML, include gobs of untrimmed post following the message, and not

... And he posts flame bait instead of even mentioning the topic at hand.

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