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Motherboard compatibility

I have 3 computers with the ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard in them.  I have been 
running Mandrake 9.1 on them.  Mandrake no longer supports this motherboard, 
with their 9.2 or 10.0 releases.   This AMD type motherboard uses the VIA 
KT400 northbridge chip, the VIA 8235 southbridge chip, and the Analog Devices 
AD1980 codec for the sound comming off of the southbridge's AC'97 sound 
controller.  Does anyone in the Debian community know if this combination of 
chips is supported by Debian linux or not.  I have been considering switching 
to Debian for a long time, since Mandrake can never make a new release 
without hundreds of annoying bugs.  I have heard that Debian does much more 
testing of new software and has much more stability in its official release 
versions than most other linux distributions.  This is why I would like to 
switch to Debian.  I am hoping that their is someone out there that has 
either used Debian on this exact motherboard, or one with the same chipset 
configuration.  Also even with Mandrake 9.1 I had to purchase three licenses 
for the OSS sound system to get my Analog Devices AD980 chips to work.
Any advice or first hand knowledge of these chipsets with Debian would be 
greatly appreciated.

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