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Re: Motherboard compatibility

-  Barry Mead <bmead15@cox.net> [2004-04-23 02:27:27 -0700]:

> I have 3 computers with the ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard in them.  

> switch to Debian.  I am hoping that their is someone out there that has 
> either used Debian on this exact motherboard, or one with the same chipset 
> configuration.  Also even with Mandrake 9.1 I had to purchase three licenses 
> for the OSS sound system to get my Analog Devices AD980 chips to work.

I have the exact same motherboard. I'm have the sound working under ALSA. 
It required me to compile the alsa-source, and while I was at it, I
recompiled a kernel as well. I have a link to stuff that will help out
with it. 

I think some of the newer kernels have support for the VIA chipset but
I've stuck to using ALSA.

Playing around with ALSA link:




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