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new install, sound not working (+2 bonus problems)


So last tuesday I got fed up with windows and
formatted C: .... it was very satusfying....

Anyway, I went through a couple of installs that were
broken (PIBKAC, i assure you), until I landed on this
install... let's see if I can re-construct, step by

1) installed using woody isos, bf24 kernel.  apt-got
up to current sid

2) in first attempt to get sound working, i compiled a
new kernel, 2.6.5, with ALSA, but the wrong drivers

3) incremented the "extra version" makefile option and
re-compiled with the right drives and ALSA, no dice,
still didn't work.  it detected the chip fine in boot,
but didn't work.  gnome's volume control gave me crap
for not being able to open /dev/mixer so i addusered
my user into the audio group, which made it quiet
down.  Inexplicably, no sound application worked
except for Stones, the gnome stones clone.  sound
started a few seconds into the game, and was
low-quality thoughout.  Tried alsaconf, it didn't
detect the chip.  alsaconf also gave error: "cannot
find module SND" three times at run...  tried editing
/etc/modutils/alsa to match what was shown for the
ensoniq 1731 chip at www.alsa-project.org, but to no
avail.  contemplated following the debian instructions
at http://www.sonic.net/~rknop/linux/debian_alsa.html
but got confused, and didn't, partially because it was
referencing the 2.4.24 kernel, and i was running 2.6.5

4) recompiled again with proper driver and OSS, boot
detects the chip (integraded on the mobo,
don't'cha'know), and stones works better (music this
time), but nothing else is fixed.  when i load any
multimedia program, it complains about not being able
to open /dev/dsp

my suspects:
-cruft from the first install that i didn't/don't know
to clean
-improper config
-the usual plbkac

I really don't know what you would need to help me,
being a week old in linux, so please be gentle (/me

Two other side problems...

I have two hard drives and two cdrom drives, and only
one of each is currently recognised by the system.  my
unrecognised HD has ~20gigs of mp3s and such that i'd
like to keep if i can... it's fat32 (converted with
partitionmagic from NTFS for compatability)... i have
Vfat compiled in, but... i don't know what to do to
get them in fstab, etc...

sort of related second side problem:  I have an iRiver
iHP-120, 20gig hard-disk mp3/ogg/wma/etc player, that
uses USB2.0 (or 1.1) mass storage... i installed all
the kernel packages i could see though menuconfig that
USB Mass Storage needed... but i don't really know
where to go from there... there's USB1.1 on my mobo
that works (my mouse!), and a USB2 PCI card that i've
not confirmed works, yet.

any help on any of my problems would be graciously
thanked... thanks for even reading...

--Phil Ramey

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