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Re: Newbie to SID: How to install the previous version of a package ?

Paul Johnson wrote:

I disagree.  I've been running sid for almost 2 years now and even
though I realized I knew the answer to that question after I saw the
answer I probably don't know the answer to quite a few similar

OK, but my point is that it's a prerequisite that you need to be a
fairly experienced Debian user to use sid.  That means having at least
decent, working knowledge of the packaging system.  If you don't have
that, you're probably far better off running stable and using
backports as desired.
I didn't even have that much Debian experience or even Linux experience. I needed a package that was only in sid and I installed it. I just dealt with the problems as they came up. I have never figured dselect out and just switched to aptitude after seeing several comments on this list.


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