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Re: How to make your own customised Debian CD?

Do I need to install any hardware detection software in step (2) so
that it can detect all the new hardware in another PC when I bootup
via CD?

Basically, it is to 'remaster' a minimal debian system into a
'Knoppix-like' CD.

Thanks !

> Alvin Ogawrote:
hi ya
> On Thu, 22 Apr 2004 users@linuxforums.org wrote:
> fun stuff ... gazillion solutions .. each better than the other
> for various reasons
> for my way ...
> 1) Use the netinstall CD and install the base system
> 2) Install all desired software.
create backup to /opt/BACKUP
	tar zcvf /opt/BACKUP/var.tgz /var
	tar zcvf /opt/BACKUP/usr.tgz /usr

and you're semi done :-)

> 3) Burn the entire CD to CD
> 4) Bootup from CD on another PC in Single mode
problem with cd method is it might not fit onto
one cdrom 

if you want a bootable cdrom .. make sure you have
a bootable cdrom image ( or just use one off the shelf )
especially since you want to copy all of your stuff onto
another hard disk vs a bootable/standalone cdrom

i'm assuming that all the stuff you want will not
fit onto one cdrom

> 5) Mount HDD
get that new disk to be running on standalone
or just mount it into the master box

	install all them files

	run grub or lilo

	done .. reboot and magic... dont forget
	to change oyur host name and ip#

> 6) Install Filesystem on HDD
> 7) Copy CD content onto HDD
> 8) Chroot into mount point
> 9) Install the bootloader onto the HDD
> 10) Reboot
c ya

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