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Re: [OT] Populating LDAP

Nicos Gollan wrote:
On Wed, 21 Apr 2004 07:47:54 -0700 Eric Walstad
<debian@ericwalstad.com> wrote:

I've heard a bit about LDAP and am curious if it'll work for a
central contacts database for a network of both Windows and Debian
users. [...] I've googled a bit, too, and am having a hard time
finding out how best to populate the LDAP database with the
contents of my addressbook.

Rule 1: If you know about LDAP, learn just a little more and go earn money with it. IMO, LDAP's only purpose is to make those who
understand it money.

well, if you have some hundrets or thousands of users and multiple
servers, it's worth the effort.

Anyone know of a user-friendly, lightweight Windows and/or Linux client that can be used to add individual records to the LDAP database?

Sadly, LDAP is *not* your lightweight filing system. It's designed to
be a large-scale directory service. Most mail clients use it strictly

yes, this is something i really don't like (that mail clients can't
write to it)

If anyone knows of a nice, friendly frontend (*not* gq): I'm interested, too.

well, no free one, but LDAPadministrator looks nice (for your customers,
since there's still no whatever-but-not-m$-version available).

but there are some things around that may be nice, like directory
administrator (gnome), or phpldapadmin and some others (and of course
my favourite: gq - just update from stable to testing and get version
1.0 ;))

but to be clear, we have developed our own php-based LDAP-administration
system, and will integrate all this things into group-office (an OSS
groupware platform)

Only interested folks with some spare time really need to read below,
 but I think it's worth it ;-)

who of us has spare time? what *is* spare time?!?

In fact, there *is* a spec for a useful multipurpose filing system.
It's called ACAP (see RFC 2244). For an experimental server and links
to more information on the topic, see http://infotrope.clues.ltd.uk/
. The bad part is that you're not too likely to find a client using
it, but it sure has potential.

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