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[OT] Populating LDAP

Greetings kind debian folk,

I've heard a bit about LDAP and am curious if it'll work for a central 
contacts database for a network of both Windows and Debian users.  I 
have managed to get OpenLDAP installed with Berkeley Database, both 
installed from source (after failing to get the debian slapd and 
ldap-utils packages to work).  I've gone through the quick start guide 
on OpenLDAP.org and have gone through Linux Magazine's Exploring LDAP 
(part 1).  I've googled a bit, too, and am having a hard time finding 
out how best to populate the LDAP database with the contents of my 

Must I use ldapadd with ldif files to populate it?

Anyone know of a user-friendly, lightweight Windows and/or Linux client 
that can be used to add individual records to the LDAP database?

Many thanks for your time,


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