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Multiple sound cards and hotplug.

Hotplug provides device enumeration now. That is apparently the future of
the kernel.

Is there any way to control the order of the enumeration such that I can
assign a particular sound card to dsp/ALSA card? My old configuration had my
preferred sound card at dsp0, instead of dsp2/ALSA card 2 as it is now...

udev has been suggested, but as far as I can tell the naming structures for
ALSA and OSS emulation cannot be affected. They don't provide the necessary
information via sysfs.

I also cannot blacklist all other soundcards. I use them for other purposes.
One is my internal - which I can happily blacklist. The other is my video
capture card, which I would *not* like in blacklist. Both are a higher
priority in hotplug's mind.

In Windows, the order really isn't an issue because I can set a preferred
sound card. Perhaps there is a way of doing that in ALSA/OSS emulation?

I am not on the debian-user mailing list; but, will be monitoring the thread
via web interface. Please CC me on any response.

Thank you, in advance, for any help!


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