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recompiled kernel, now no framebuffer

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I have just recompiled the latest 2.6.5 kernel to use the pktcdvd patch.  
The patch works great.  However, my framebuffer is totally disabled. If 
I try to use vga=791 on the kernel command line, I get a blank screen.  
I know that it is still working because I hear the hard drive spinning, 
I set up a procmail recipe to sound whtn I get mail and that works and 
if I blindly login and type startx the x-window system works normally.  
However, there is no video at the console at all.  Note that I don't 
normally use x-windows so this does me little good.

All I have done was to add the pktcdvd  patch so that the kernel works 
with udftoold, which, IMHO should have already been done by the kernel 
maintainers as it is needed by an existing Debian package in the 
unstable archive and copied /boot/config-2.6.5-1-k7 to .config at the 
top of the kernel source tree and ran make oldconfig.  I compared the 
two config files and the *only* difference is the set of options added 
by the pktcdvd patch.  But the console video works in 
kernel-image-2.6.5-1-k7 and it doesn't work in 
kernel-image-2.65-1-k7-pktcdvd (created by make-kpkg).  What step did I 
miss to make my console video work in this kernel?

My make-kpkg command line was as follows:

make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version -k7-pktcdvd --revision 2.6.5-1 
- --arch-in-name buildpackage

There is no indication of any problem until I try to boot with the 
vga=791, or any other vga boot parameter.

Thanks for any help,
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