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Adjusting font-size in X

Allright, it's that time of the week again when I have a `stupid question'(tm) to ask.

I've been using xdm as a display manager, and recently switched to gdm. The thing is that when I start X from xdm *I get larger fonts*, than if I start X `manually' (startx) or through gdm. I run X at a resolution of 1600x1200, and this smaller font that now gets selected is really ... too small. (The font I'm referring to seems to be used by X in general, i.e. all apps have smaller fontsize.)

As usual, I /have/ tried to search the web, but no luck nor help from there -- so I put my faith in you guys. ;) How can I tell X to use `the bigger font'? In XF86Config-4 both 100dpi and 75 dpi fonts are mentioned (100 before 75, if that would make a difference).

Is there some simple debian *-reconfigure thing to do, or some file(s) that I should edit in order to fix it? (Or could you at least point me towards a man-page to read? ;) )


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