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Re: Emulating a dual monitor system over X?

Brent Miller <unraveled@sbcglobal.net> said on Mon, 19 Apr 2004 11:56:02 -0700:
> Hello everyone. Like many on this list I'm sure, I end up being the
> recipient of old computers that friends and family unload on me every
> time the latest and greatest new thing comes out. A friend of mine just
> gave me (another) old laptop that he's not using anymore and I'm trying
> to figure out a use for this old beast so it doesn't end up another
> thing rotting away in a landfill.
> What I was wondering is if it is possible to slap a copy of debian
> stable on this thing, hook it up to my lan, and some how use this to
> emulate a second monitor for my workstation.
> I don't know if X has the ability to do this, but I think I remember
> reading that somebody has done this, but my googling has come up nill.
> Ideally, I imagine having the laptop sitting on my desk, and when I log
> on to my workstation, it would connect to the laptop, start X there and
> connect back to the workstation. Then the laptop would display another
> workspace of my desktop.
> Does anybody know if this is possible, and if so, how does one go about
> setting this up? Any links, experience, or anything would be great as
> I'm at a bit of a loss as where to start.

DMX - distributed multihead X - emulates Xinerama over a network.

Still not in Debian, despite a several year old request to package

I haven't tried it yet for this reason, remembering the pain of
installing X myself one day, and realising that DMX is basically a
forked X from the sounds of it (???)

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