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Re: Answers needed for these Debian questions

Deboo <deboo@debian.elitemail.org> writes:

>    How to set wget so that it can retrieve/download a list of files given
>    to it, as soon as the ppp connection starts?

Put a script in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d which reads a file (say,
~/download/download.files), which has a newline separated list of files
to download.  Each line gets passed to wget.

>    Similarly, is there an offline news sender program? I use slrn at the
>    moment but am thinking of switching to leafnode, only problem is that I
>    will send and get news a little late ... the next time I log on to the
>    net, and that means waiting atleast for a day or more, if the net
>    connection at my isp's side has some problems.

I use leafnode.  I don't see how being late is going to make a
difference of choosing offline news sender program.  They would all
basically be sending at the same time, since you have a limited
connection time.

John L. Fjellstad
web: http://www.fjellstad.org/          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

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