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Re: GIF Animator Needed

Tom Simnett wrote:
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On Tuesday 20 April 2004 11:23, Scarletdown wrote:

Anyway, can someone please recommend a usable GIF animator, preferably
one installable via apt-get?  Or failing that, please explain how to
properly install this GIMP plugin, since there does not seem to be any
information on the GIMP site about how to do this?

apt-cache search / http://packages.debian.org are your friends here.

apt-get install gimp-nonfree

Thanks for the tip.  I never would have guessed that one.  :D

And I do retract my comments about GIMP not being suitable for animations now. After getting some sleep, I just did a bit of experimentation and finally figured out how to work with layers and combine them all into an animated GIF. The biggest problem last night (other than extreme tiredness) was that horrendously incomprehensible animation tutorial on the GIMP site.

I think that after I practice and experiment a bit more, I may try my hand at a tutorial myself (finally, a way I can contribute to the OSS community). :D

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