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GIF Animator Needed

I need help finding a program to create animated GIFs, preferably something that works similar to Jasc Animation Shop (create an empty animation and insert your frames, etc.) I was hoping GIMP would work for this. However, I discovered that GIMP 2.0 is apparently unable to save in GIF format, and I am unable to figure out how to install the animation plugin I recently downloaded as well (animate_cells, placed in ~/.gimp-2.0/plugins...I see nothing about it in any of GIMP's menus, and this was after closing and restarting GIMP).

Anyway, can someone please recommend a usable GIF animator, preferably one installable via apt-get? Or failing that, please explain how to properly install this GIMP plugin, since there does not seem to be any information on the GIMP site about how to do this?


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