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X crashing with new Geforce FX5700 card

I just installed a Geforce FX5700LE video card into a Abit KG7 mobo with
latest bios. At first I could not even get kdm to start but when I chaged
the AGP setting in the bios from 4x to 2x I was able to get X to start, but
after running for awhile it crashed, nothing in the logs says what happened.
I have the latest Nvidia drivers from Debian Sid, and before this card I was
using a Geforce 3 Ti4200 which ran great. Anyone have any ideas, I read in
the release notes for the nvidia drivers that there is a known problem with
the AMD Irongate chipset and AGP speed and that it will only work at 1x, but
this does not make sense since I was running the other Geforce card without
any problems for almost 2 years.
Brad Cramer

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