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kernel 2.6.4 serial ata support - promise 20376


I have a Promise SATA controller, 20376 (aka the TX2Plus).

When I used 2.6.0-test9 there was a lovely option called SATA_PROMISE which I said yes to and everything worked beautifully.

However, I can't find this in the SCSI or ATA menus for 2.6.4 or 2.6.5, which I downloaded from the debian kernel-source packages and extracted into /usr/src. Could someone tell me exactly where to find the replacement option, please?

As a side-point, why is there not a clearly flagged SATA section? IMO the ATA section should be called ATA/SATA. Having SATA under SCSI is just confusing, even if the system sees these drives in the same way as it sees SCSI drives.

Thanks in advance,
Matt Kay

PS The partition I am trying to access contains al my .ogg files. You feel my pain ;-)

Cambridge, UK

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