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Re: X crashing with new Geforce FX5700 card

Brad wrote:

>I just installed a Geforce FX5700LE video card into a Abit KG7 mobo 
>with latest bios. At first I could not even get kdm to start but 
>when I chaged the AGP setting in the bios from 4x to 2x I was able 
>to get X to start, but after running for awhile it crashed, nothing 
>in the logs says what happened.  I have the latest Nvidia drivers 
>from Debian Sid, and before this card I was using a Geforce 3 
>Ti4200 which ran great. Anyone have any ideas, I read in
>the release notes for the nvidia drivers that there is a known 
>problem with the AMD Irongate chipset and AGP speed and that it 
>will only work at 1x, but this does not make sense since I was 
>running the other Geforce card without
>any problems for almost 2 years.
>Brad Cramer

First of all you mention that the error does not show up in the log, 
is that your Xfree86.log?  Also after changing video cards did you 
change your Xfree86 config file?  Most likely you will need to 
change the PCI Bus ID which might be different for each card.  Use 
lspci -mv to list your devices, and see if what it mentions as the 
device ID. 

I would use the Nvidia drivers from Nvidia which should be up to 
version 5336, go to their website and download their installer.  You 
might need kernel headers, or a custom kernel for a complete 
install, just follow the directions, in the readme.  As far as the 
AMD Irongate chipset issue, it should not be a problem, as it was 
refering to only 1x graphics cards.

I have a Geforce 5600 Ultra in a dual MP 1.2 system, and I can say it 
works great, but I am CPU limited on my graphics performance.  I 
also tried my card in a Athlon 1.7 gig system and had the same 
problem.  So I hope you have a good CPU in your system to take 
advantage of the new graphics power.  Otherwise you might not notice 
that much of a difference.  Also do you dual boot, you should not 
have to change bios settings it should run at 4x, you might want to 
see how it performs under Windows.  If it works under Windows then 
you know its a config problem under Gnu/Linux.


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