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mzscheme.deb not clean [was: Re: chkrootkit gives this message, should I be worried?]

Apparently, _H. S._, on 04/15/04 14:48,typed:
I am running Debian Sarge (kernel 2.4.24-1-686). I ran chkrootkit (v 0.42b) and got this message (along with all other "nothing found" messages):

Searching for suspicious files and dirs, it may take a while...

What does this mean? Should I be worried?


Tim Haynes in comp.os.linux.security was very helpful in pointing out that the .DS_Store file though not listed in the "files" list on Debian's website for mzscheme package, it is nevertheless in the .deb file (http://ftp.uk.debian.org/debian/pool/main/d/drscheme/mzscheme_206p1-1_i386.deb).

His message has the subject: Re: chkrootkit gives this message, should I be worried?

So this kind of ends my worries, but I wanted to report this here just to inform that the package needs some cleaning.

Thanks to Tim.

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