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Re: Module /usr/src/modules/bcm4400 failed (ahh no network)

wex wrote:

 Actually the very first thing I did was download the new sarge 2
 weeks ago, and I did so with excitement and high expectations. And I
 will say this for other people's benefit it is definitely a beta
 installer. It gave me a various range of problems that I won't go
 into; plus; it seems as though it actually gave me less autonomy
 although there was an expert mode I did not use.

Hello Wex,

I'm doing the same thing at the moment.
I didn't discover tha various boot options initially, because they were hidden behind a 'help' menu. I think this is a bug. 'Help' should be one of the options listed in a 'Boot Options' menu.
There is an installer report which I am filling out and forwarding.
Perhaps you should do the same.
Debian-boot, the list/group whose main objective is the implementation of this installer, are after all the feedback they can get. I think that relatively inexperienced users like you and I have a part to play in this, because those that are continuously immersed in an environment, quite often don't see the forest for the trees, and are hunting feedback from the perception of those users who more closely resemble the typical enduser, in order that the installer has as wide an application as possible.

 In particular the bootloader process was f$cked and it caused me some
 serious annoyances as it either would not work at all

Yes, this one caused me problems also.
When it came to loading Grub, the screen 'progression meter' started at 40%, and stayed there. I thought that I must have burnt a bad disc, or got a bad iso, so I downloaded again (109MB on 56K), and burnt it to another brand new disc, to eradicate variables. Same thing. On the sixth install, (in the meantime finding 'expert' and trying to bypass the problem by loading Lilo, which failed, throwing me back into the Grub install), I decided to give it some serious time, and went and made a pot of tea. Came back in time to see the screen throw over into the end of the install. But when you have a means of marking progress in a situation, and it starts at 40%, stays there, and then goes into the next phase of the operation without moving, it's useless. You may as well get rid of it, and just put something like,-"Grub is being loaded now. This may take some time. Please wait..."
A meter is  useless if it doesn't meter.

 which really becomes a problem when you are working with a laptop
 that has no floppy to boot from or when it did work it over wrote my
 windows MBR screwing up my windows(shh don't tell anyone) install. I
 don't know what the exact intent was in re-doing the installer and i
 am sure there is an important underlying reason, but it is
 unfortunate that it makes the already hardest distribution to install
 harder. Debian vexes me so...Such a great distribution yet sometimes
 it can be such a hassle to install. I hope the end result of this
 revamp will prove to be worthy. Maybe it is just my own lack of
 knowledge but I just don't believe it should be this hard...Anyways I
 could go on and on....By the way what I don't understand is why sarge
 isn't coming with an option to load the 2.6 kernel, who really wants
 the 2.4 kernel at this point?

The 2.4.25 does come with some nice options.



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