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Playing backups of DVDs with mplayer and xine

I'm missing something obvious. How to do I play a dvd backed up to disk
with mplayer and xine?

I've got a dvd that won't play in my DVD player, and on my laptop with
mplayer it fails to read the VTS_01_4.VOB file, so I suspect there's a
problem with the DVD media or the drive.  I can't use dvdcopy or just
plain cp to access that file on the dvd media/drive combination.

But, I was able to use another machine to access the dvd.  I used
dvdback (there's also vobcopy on debian) to create a backup.

My question is how do I play the movie directly on disk?

I know I can do this to play the dvd:

   $ mplayer dvd://
   $ xine dvd://

And I know I can play the VOBs directly

   $ xine file:///path/to/VOB

but how do I play the back up copy on the hard disk like it was on the
dvd directly?  That is, so xine shows menus and operates just like
playing directly off the dvd player?

Bill Moseley

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