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Re: why must Debian call Taiwan a "Province of China"?

Erik Steffl wrote:
> Joey Hess wrote:
> >Erik Steffl wrote:
> >
> >> well, yes. but: in slovakia the name for the country is holandsko 
> >>(slovak spelling for holland). maybe it insults some people in 
> >>netherlands but that's how it is. so for me it makes perfect sense to 
> >>call that country holland, I didn't even knew it's called netherlands 
> >>until I learned english...
> >
> >
> >The Debian installer is fully localised, this includes translations of
> >all the country names in the installer, into all the languages supported
> >by the installer.
>   what does that have to do with the point? the point being that it's 
> not that easy to figure out what to call the country and it's IMO better 
> to leave it to some standard body instead of making statements one way 
> or another (e.g. for/against china/taiwan). [i.e. my point wasn't about 
> whether I get Holandsko if I choose slovak language]

I wrote my response to correct misperceptions in the text to which I

> >Please don't cause needless traffic by crossposting to debian-boot if
> >you are unfamiliar with and have never used the Deban installer.
>   well, I doubt the localization can kick in before user makes a choice 
> (for which there is a need to make a list of offered choices, i.e. list 
> of countries and languages, which is what we were discussing, I 
> believe). [of course, the choice can either be at the run time or by 
> choosing localized boot disks in the first place]

Again you're making incorrect assumptions about how the installer works
without having tried it.

see shy jo

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