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Re: mc with ext2undel on sarge?

hugo vanwoerkom wrote:
Hi Debian!

Perusing the choices for ext2 undelete programs, it appears that midnight commander is by far the best.

mc-4.6.1-pre1 DOES compile:

install libgpm1-dev
install e2fslibs-dev

untar the source into <dir>

in <dir> ./configure --with-gpm-mouse --with-ext2undel
make install

apt-get remove mc

adjust the mc wrapper script in /etc/profile to point to /usr/local/bin/mc

and you got "undelete files" in the command menu.
It will prompt for the device w/o /dev/ and present you with all the deleted files that can be sorted whichever way you want to.

The device can be mounted, like the place where you creamed something usually is...

Great tool.


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