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Re: [newbie] Dependency problems installing libssl0.9.7

Adam Aube wrote:

Mark Woon wrote:

> I'm trying to upgrade from libssl0.9.6 that's in stable to libssl0.9.7
> that's in testing.

> Unfortunately, libssl0.9.7 has a dependency on libc6 v2.3.2, and stable
> comes with libc6 v2.2.5.

Why do you need a newer version of libssl?

Trying to compile apache htttpd 2.0.49.

I forgot to mention that I'm not "seeing" libc6 v2.3.2 using dselect.

Of course, once I sent the e-mail, it occured to me to try doing it directly via apt-get, which can indeed see the newer libc6. Problem solved, although I don't understand why dselect wasn't picking it up.


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