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Re: HELP Great Problem: devs lost

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Jaime Soriano Pastor wrote:

My problem: Suddenly my devices (cdrom, cdrw, nvidia,...) disappear when I boot up

I'm hardly sure that is becouse of hal and magicdev, i installed it and it happens since then.

Somebody knows how to repair my devs?

Have you tried uninstalling both the hal and magicdev packages? Doing so may solve your problem.
Yes i tried.

Also, I may be mistaken, but I do not believe hal and magicdev depend on one another. It may be that only one of the packages is at fault. Temporarily uninstall both packages. If this solves your problem, then try installing each package alone. Hopefully this will allow you to identify the offending package. Then we can work from there.

Both hal and magicdev appear to install a script in /etc/init.d/ to be run when your system is booted. Uninstalling the packages or removing the symlinks to these scripts from the appropriate runlevel configurations will prevent these scripts from being run at system startup.
Yes i saw the scripts, but uninstalling with --purge destroyed it.


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